merrily we roll along

suddenly it’s really cold here. like high of 61. strange.

some random updates:

avi is much better and seems to be fully recovered from his shot sadness. now i know what a (relatively low) infant fever feels like, so i guess that might be useful information at some point. he’s also slept through the night twice since we’ve been back from the beach (he did that there several times too, and then was all jacked up again the night we got back because his horrible mother had alot of caffeine during the drive home).

it is fun to be able to put him in some of his bigger clothing items while the smaller ones still pretty much fit. at this point, we can get most of the newborn stuff on him (with a couple of sleeper exceptions, because he is literally so long that when they’re snapped closed he can’t move his legs as freely because the fabric is stretched too tight) and also some of the 0-3 mos. stuff. i’ve learned that alot of baby clothes are labelled by weight, so the manufacturer puts this arbitrary number on the tag like “8-11 lbs” but that doesn’t account for babies who are unusually long! it’s not his tummy that gets in the way, it’s the fact that he’s two feet long already! i’ve also started mentally setting aside some items to pass on to my best friend in pittsburgh who is pregnant, and for michael and valerie in the hopes that they hurry up and decide to give avi a cousin sooner rather than later! ha ha!

both interviews this week were interesting, and one was more promising than the other. that’s all i’m going to say until i have more information, both to save face and not potentially jinx myself.

i am going to an open house tonight at a design firm i’m interested in working at. they sort of are constantly accepting resumes, and d’s parents are very good friends with one of the partners, so i’m going with d’s mom to have a casual, no-pressure conversation about if there might ever be a point that i would fit in there.

d and i have been having really great long talks and are communicating more fairly and completely than we had been, so that is excellent. i’m sure it was the added stress of the beach environment that contributed to our never-ending arguements last week. it’s good to be able to work things out now that we’re back home and on our own schedule.

speaking of the beach, while we were there we went to this very deelishus burger place called five guys. lisi, there are a number of them around the d.c. area, so if you are ever jonesing for a super burger, check them out. last night on my way home from tutoring, i stopped at the shopping center in fox chapel and was absolutely blown away by the fact that there was a five guys right there! i immediately called d and we dined on yummy burgers and handcut beach fries quite pleasantly for dinner!

ok i suck. not having a job, i tend to watch more tv that i should. also since we have a dvr, it is very easy to just record any old thing that sounds cool just to try it out. i am currently addicted to several shows, some of which are more high-quality than others. the first is rome on hbo, which has just started and is only up to episode five, so if you have ondemand cable you can still catch the first five shows before sunday night when the next one premiers. i am fascinated by the atmosphere in this series, and the ensemble is pretty great. don’t love caesar too much, but his evil coniving neice is exceptional. i also have a soft spot for a tlc show called miami ink that makes me want to run away and become a tatoo artist. it’s a reality show in that they are taping these five guys in their tatoo shop in florida, but sometimes the scripted elements are hysterically obvious. this is the show that i save on the tv to watch in increments when i’m nursing avi at odd times when d isn’t awake, or if i’ve gotten up early for some weird brain-schedule reason. the last one i’m digging more and more is mythbusters on the discovery channel. i’d watched this on and off for the past couple years, but lately i’ve started recording all the old episodes because i find them hyserical. i can just picture dr and norm and ben trying some of the crazy schemes the mythbusters do, and it makes me chuckle. the newest episodes are the best, since they feature a younger build team and my personal obsession kari, but all in all it makes for a pretty entertaining hours worth of television – or about fifty minutes with no commercials thanks to the dvr.


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