happy new year

now that was just too easy…

today is avi’s first holiday, and i am very excited. this is an important page in his baby book, with such things to fill out as “i felt so festive wearing my _________” and the ever popular “i learned about family traditions by __________”. unfortunately, we’re not doing a super large family dinner tonight, since d’s mom has class; we’re have a late small family dinner at his parents’ house. however, i think it still counts – and even though it’s technically a solemn holiday being the day of judgement and all, it will be better than trying to come up with festivies and presents for oh, say, yom kippur. plus, he’s a baby. the only thing he can be judged on at this point is his refusal to consisently sleep the night through, so each night is a guessing game of how successful our own sleep cycles will be.

the job search continues. i submitted three resumes today via email, and have to buy envelopes so i can send a couple more this afternoon. the good interview from last week is still a prospect, but they have to wait until their foundation money comes in to make any decisions, so i (literally) can’t afford to sit around and wait.

baby sleepers with zippers are an exquisite invention. i must get more.

oh, i’ve discovered weeds on showtime. it’s hysterical. check it out. i watched all eight available episodes ondemand in row.

michael and valerie come home for a visit this weekend! hooray!

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