okay, i’m back, and here they are:


the first one is obviously the infamous chicken hat that lisi found months and months ago and threatened to make for avi – back when he was still a tadpole! i am sooooo tickled that she came through with her threat because it is A-DOR-A-BLE!! it also fits right now (and will probably for several months) so i hope october hurries up and starts being october soon soon soon!
and dinosaurs rule – nuff said! that hat is a little big, which is great because he can wear it longer (again, once october complies). you can’t see it that well, but there are orange dinosaur spikes the whole way down the hat, and the yarn is ridiculously soft.

the blanket – oh my goodness. so lovely, so unbelievably handmade. it is beautiful. if avi can’t appreciate it yet, his mommy certainly can.

lisi, i love you. thank you so much.


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