the brothers come to egypt…or pittsburgh?

michael and valerie are probably three hours from home at this point, and i’m ecstatic to see them. they haven’t seen avi since he was a week old! (hence the old picture above) he can do all kinds of awesome things now that i know my brother is going to be just tickled to death about. it really sucks that they’re so far away at this point in our lives, but michael loves his job so at least that part of the equation is worth it.

i love that i can call my brother randomly and say, hey do you remember the abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz song that big bird sings? and he can answer yeah! it’s the most amazing word i’ve ever seen (which is the second line in the song – download it if you don’t believe me. it’s a riot. big bird comes across the alphabet and “reads” it, pronouncing it ab-ka-def-kee-juckle-meh-nock-er-stoove-w

itsis, roughly). i also love that he often calls from work on his lunch break when he’s not incredibly busy just to chat.

it’s going to be a good weekend :)


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