y’all got it!

lets talk about how much i rock.

so i got the job doing the illustrations for pasa!! this is a project of the university of pittsburgh’s school of education that designs the special education version of the pennsylvania state assessment tests. third, fifth, and eighth graders with severe learning disabilities take mostly graphically-heavy tests to determine if they’ve made “adequate yearly progress”. it’s all part of no child left behind, and if you don’t know what that is, well…email me, since i’m not going to waste any more of my space here detailing it.

when i went to meet with peter, my new boss at pasa, he told me that never in five years have they been so impressed with the drawings on the first pass. a panel of eight administrators reviewing my work and that of the other candidates unanimously voted for my stuff and told him to hire me immediately (he did!) they were so amazed that after just an hour meeting with him prior to doing the illustrations, i had so completely nailed what they were going for. i left feeling so validated and really really really pleased with myself.

it’s not full-time, so there are no benefits of course. the hourly rate is fantastic, and i can do it all from home. i think it’s an excellent match for what i was looking for right now. i should be finding out about the mcg position by the end of this week, but i will obviously continue doing the pasa work since i can always do it from home. d is really supportive since the money is greatly helpful right now, so i know that managing this – even with a possible daytime position starting november 1 (fingers remaining firmly crossed behind my back) – is going to be a pretty reasonable thing for us to take care of.

what an excellent day! except for my cold, which is out of control. i am very stuffy and very uncomfortable. i do not enjoy it.

but i enjoy rocking the socks off the pasa people! hooray!


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