today 4 you

i am still really sick. this sucks. i keep waiting for avi to get sick too – not, obviously, because i want him to be, but because i feel that it is inevitable. it is a good thing he is sleeping through the night because i go to be overloaded on nyquil and sudafed and allergy pills and heroin…or at least i feel that sluggish. probably from the combination of the first three.

a number of people from school/across the country/work/etc. have recently been reading my journal, maybe because i posted a couple of non-locked things for a change. i feel sorta bad since all the good stuff about the bug tends to be locked (but why? i mean, seriously, am i just being paranoid?) but i’m always happy to add people i know to my friends list so they can see the good stuff if they ask. i dunno, i suppose it’s because i don’t really write this annonymously, and there are probably people who have access to it that i would prefer didn’t, and other people who could stumble across it…i really don’t know. there have been a number of discussions about just this sort of thing in both other journals i read and right here at home recently. i guess ultimately it comes down to what the purpose of your journal or blog is – to write for the masses (meaning, anyone who finds it) or for your friends (meaning, those who know it’s there and make a point to read it on a regular basis). the really tricky part is when the masses become friends and it all goes to hell.

there was a really fascinating article in the times the other day about babies sleeping on their tummies. (you might have to sign in to access the link, by the way) avi sleeps so much better that way, and it’s faintly reassuring that we’re not the only ones to have observed that – i mean, we all grew up sleeping that way anyway, so it isn’t all that strange that babies today still prefer it. we still put him down to bed on his back, and fully swaddled, but it touched off a series of conversations about all of the medical advice out there, and how to take it.

i have four drawings finished for pasa. i think i will try to post them, but in a locked photo album. the first two are mine, afterall. they were locked just in case, but it turns out they won’t be used on the test. the four i’ve done since will be, so i obviously can’t just spread them around haphazardly. if i create a friends-only album, i’ll let you guys know.

i’m hungry, and avi is sleeping – on his back, in his crib – so i should take advantage of this amazing occurance. everything tastes like snot right now, so i haven’t been feeling very hungry anyway. it’s time for another meal of toast and hot tea – yum.


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