sing, sing a song

you all know by now that we sing avisongs around the house, as we go about our daily routine both with and without the bug. it’s a very simple process, and it involves altering the lyrics of a nursery rhyme, childrens’ song, or (just to be fancy and because our knowledge of the first two are still somewhat limited) musical number to confer what we are doing, or what avi has just done.

any song is fair game, with one major exception – it was so overused in the first two weeks of his life that london bridges has now been banned from all future avisongs. if either of us accidentally starts an avisong with that familiar and evil melody, the other quickly delivers a boot to the head and order is restored.

so i’m on a quest for additional childrens’ songs or simple melodies to adapt for avisong use. you must understand that we do this SO OFTEN that there is a short shelf life for some songs (see above) while others have been around pleasantly since the beginning.

the list i’ve started is

1. the gummi bears theme song (only of course it becomes avi bears)
2. mary had a little lamb
3. 1000 kisses from rent (a moment of great desparation in the search for a new melody)

omg this is hard! seriously, we do this all the time and yet here i sit, completely unable to recall the best examples. d can’t either – how strange! i’ll just have to add them as i use them.

oh, this is all in honor of the fact that avi samuel chetlin was three months old yesterday!


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