quiet please, there’s a lady on stage.

well i think we can say official that the bug is sick. he’s got this crazy stuffy nose that he continues to try to breathe through, so i got some saline drops and a better, smaller aspirator to help him out. that’s about all i can do, unfortunately. the pharmacist scoffed when i asked if i could give a three month old baby-sudafed. poor kid.

he’s at my mom’s today, so i can get some drawing done and d and i can run a few errands. i’m exhausted – the weekend was jam packed with great things and family obligations, and then i taught both monday and tuesday. and since i’m still getting over my own cold, well – it would be nice to be able to just sleep in again once in awhile :)

i think i am going to nap for a bit before i draw. i’ll be more productive that way anyway, right? it’s strangely quiet without avi around because even when he’s sleeping i listen for him breathing. i just yawned so hard my whole body shook, so i think yes, the plan is a quick nap and then draw draw draw like the wind before we leave to run our errands.

what a simple life we lead these days.


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