swee’pea’s luzllaby

what a wonderful morning…

i am still feeling very lazy and very undermotivated to get my work done, but i’ve decide that’s okay for one more day. here’s a quick job update,  i had a meeting at city theater yesterday and another meeting on monday for a playwriting residency i’m going to teach at carlynton high school. i SAT tutor tomorrow (and also finally finished my kid who lives in eastkabumfuck yesterday! hooray! no more 81-mile round trip SAT tutoring!) in shadyside, and next weekend i will spend both days 9am-6pm in training to teach the verbal portion of the MCAT. there’s not a lot of demand for it because the test isn’t offered that many times during the year, but it pays quite well to be able to teach the classes. additionally, i just got about 30 more drawings to do for pasa by the end of the month. i’m still waiting to hear from mcg (i’ve been in touch with them, though, so it’s not like i’m holding my breath for something that is definetly not to be) and they should decide by next week, but the position doesn’t start until december. in october, i made about the same amount i did working at propel, but in november i am well on my way to making far more, which is crazy strange. of course, i need to purchase health insurance out of that amount, but that’s okay because i can afford to do so. anyway, back to the baby, which is what you all want to hear about anyway.

so avi and i had a great day, made possible in part because his father was gracious enough to let me sleep until 10am. the bug napped for a little bit longer after i was up, until about 11am or so. when he woke up he wasn’t hungry right away, so he played for awhile on his ladybug (this awesome lay-on-his-back-and-bat-at-stuff toy) until i got a bottle ready, and then when he was finished eating, he played with me. we bounced on my knee, we practiced rolling over and back again, and we read a couple eric carle books (he LOVES brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?) before he got tuckered out. i picked him up and he fell asleep on my shoulder in about a minute, and he took a nap on elise’s blanket. he is so responsive now and gets so excited about things – reaching for stuff, seeing me or d, and listening to our voices. last night he watched the cat for the first time, and she put on a great show of flipping her tail around so he could follow it with his eyes. he cracks me up!

oh, i took these the other day, because he’s going to be too big for the shirt very soon.


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