busy signals

i feel like i haven’t stopped moving in four days.

oh wait, that’s because i haven’t.

i know, i know. four days might not sound like a long time to most of you, but keep in mind that with the bug at home, four busy days don’t always equal four restful nights. nor is there anyway to extend night four into day five and just sleep it off.

but i got alot done

on friday i had growing theater in the morning and then visited babelbabe and her kids in the afternoon. her middle son is the cutest thing i have ever seen and i hope desperately that avi grows up to be as darling as he is. friday night we went to dinner with d’s dad and sister and then i stayed up late doing my homework.

yes, homework.

this whole weekend was all about learning how to teach the mcat, the test necessary for acceptance into medical school. i was trained to teach the verbal portion because the princeton review office in pittsburgh considers me to be a master teacher. saturday and sunday from 9am to 6pm i sat in a small classroom with three other guys and a female instructor and basically learned why i will never be a doctor. this shit is HARD. and obviously, in order to teach it, you have to learn it really really really well. it’s remarkable how exhausted i was saturday afternoon when we were finished – but then i had to go tutor one of my sat students (more on that in a bit).

avi went to my parents’ house on saturday and to dan’s parents’ on sunday because he’s really really fun these days. he is so vocal, sometimes we have to talk really loud to hear ourselves over him! he coos and calls out to his toys and squeals and laughs – it’s hysterical. he completely and totally fails to understand the phone even though we keep trying – today i called from the store and d let me talk to him and he reported that avi was genuinely confused – he could hear mommy but not see her, and kept looking around for me!

on sunday night i went to my tutoring student before heading to penn ave. she lives in an amazing house behind the old drama mansion on fifth. let me rephrase that – she lives in THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE HOUSE I HAVE EVER SET FOOT IN. her parents are art collectors, and i am literally tutoring this girl next to two original matisse pencil drawings and an original picasso drawing. her father loves asian and native art (she explained “it’s because he’s canadian”) so the front room is crammed full of statues, masks, dolls, paintings – there is no possible way i could do it justice. not to mention the fact that the physical house itself is unreal. i have never in my life coveted anything like i covet this girl’s house. they have an original kandinsky painting in the attic because they have no place to put it! i really enjoy going there, because she is so down to earth and really likes sharing the house with someone she knows appreciates it. plus, lisi told me the mansion-dwellers used to look in and see this beautiful, glowing home – and now i’m in it! oh side note, she told me her parents had considered buying the mansion to restore it…if that puts their caste in perspective!

and finally, this morning i went to the county assistance office and got the bug some health care. i can’t afford (really) to wait about the mcg job anymore – he is supposed to get vaccinations right after thanksgiving. it was relatively painless, albeit totally humiliating. there is a serious assumption that anyone applying for help is a total idiot – the enrollment services guy actually said to me, and i quote, “oh, you’re a pretty bright girl” when i pointed out that of course he wasn’t my case manager, his sign said enrollment services…

i could go on and on, but the point is that avi has health care, we can keep seeing doctor dhar, i am making okay enough money now that we are fine, and i have two good job prospects that i’m waiting for. all is well.

and then d and i had a huge fight tonight.


so i am a bit stressed, but otherwise okay. sorry it’s been a couple days since i let you all know that. it’s funny that when there is a longer than normal delay, i actually get comments from some of you! patience is a virtue, remember. and so is a clean apartment – that’s tomorrow’s agenda.


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