chow down

avi is teething. this is both very cool and very frustrating for d and i. we’re in the beginning stages – no visible tooth, just a bump on his lower gum and lots and lots and lots and lots of drooling. he is sporadically in fussy pain (i type ‘fuzzy’ literally every single time i try to type the word ‘fussy’ – i just did it again, making that point) and d particularly is affected by the combination instinctual desire to make things better and instinctual sense of overwhelming that we can’t yet figure out immediately what is wrong with the bug. we are getting better, but i know we both can’t wait till avi can start signing back to us.

(oh, speaking of which, my friend john stopped by tonight and was signing to the bug also [i met him when i worked at the school for the deaf], and it was reassuring to watch the bug study john’s motions so intently – in other words, the signs themselves attract him, not just mommy and daddy doing it)

anyway, the good thing about avi teething is that he can soonish start with solid food, and that’s going to be excellent. if this kid is messy now, i can only imagine what havoc he will wreak when he has rice cereal and sweet potatoes to spit up!

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