lonely house

well not really lonely, just quiet and totally weird.

d and avi are up in the mountains, helping his parents get ready for thanksgiving up there. i am drawing all day with no distractions – except for the desire to take a computer break now and then. i am hoping to go out tonight but it will depend on if a friend of mine is available after the hockey game and if i get enough accomplished to be allowed out! i also teach tomorrow morning at 10am, so it’s not like i’m going to go out and get trashed just because i can. seriously, the idea of sleeping uninterrupted for as long as i like is way more appealing!

i had a great conversation with elise and ben krall (two seperate discussions, actually, but occuring simultaneously) about a number of crazy cmu memories we all had. a (not) surprising number of them centered around various modes of intoxication. good times. but wow do i feel incredibly old! there’s no way i could do even half of the stuff that i did without thinking about it during the good old school of drama days. and i’m not talking about the fact that now i have avi and so it’s alot more difficult anyway. my how time flies.

the musical of the day (berlin to broadway) is particularly in tribute to our freshman year…


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