dr. finkelstein

i am very frustrated with the whole search for insurance situation. avi is covered so i’m not worried about him, but i was trying to avoid signing myself up for cobra – which essentially extends my former coverage – because it is so astronomically expensive. it will be close to $400 a month for continued medical, dental, and vision coverage, and because i have to backpay, we’re looking at about $1200 to get me through the end of the calender year.

i’ve looked at four other policies, but none of them cover pre-existing conditions, of which i have several. i guess i understand the business logic for that, but the reality is that people sign up for cobra when they leave their job and don’t have coverage anywhere else. why is it okay then for cobra to be three times as expensive as the other plans a normal, healthy individual could choose? for those of us with issues and prescriptions to fill, well, we just get royally screwed.

i STILL don’t know about mcg – i sent an email wondering what’s up just this afternoon – and i applied for a position at the children’s museum (it’s an art educator curriculum development position, so we’ll see.), but other than that, i don’t have any obvious options. the pasa job has been great, but it’s going to go away after december. and while i’m teaching a TON for the princeton review, that can’t exactly support us on its own, especially if i have to pay so much for my damn medical coverage!

i want to make it clear that i do not in any way regret quitting my job. i am soooo much happier now, and it’s been amazing being home with avi. but i hope everything else gets straightened out soon so i can stop having all of these floating anxieties.

but i just want to be able to go to the doctor and find out why i’m still so sick and so congested and feeling crummy, and it makes me extremely depressed to know that i can’t. unless i cough out $1200 with all the mucus.

sorry bout that visual.

today’s title is from the show nightmare before christmas


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