angry young man (and woman)

today was the first day i ever felt like a complete failure as a mother.

we tried to take avi to the doctor today – something i’d been looking forward to, even though it meant a second round of shots for the bug, because i desperately want to know just how gigantic he really is. unfortunately, when we got there we learned that he couldn’t be seen because we didn’t have any of his new insurance information.

some of you might remember that last month, i put avi on chips and came home feeling demeaned but accomplished. it was supposed to go into effect retroactively back to october 3 – plenty of time for a november 29 appointment.

not only is he not in the system at all, i learned from a very snippy supervisor that there was no guarantee when he might ever be. excuse me? what the hell is the point of sucking it up and applying for county assistance programs if they don’t actually fill the gap when your child needs coverage? ed rendell and his “no child should be without insurance” commercial can kiss my ass.

so of course i ended up bawling in the doctor’s office, and they were very understanding and we just left because after an hour (seriously) of phone calls to everyone possibly involved in this process i had made zero headway. my doctor called when we were half way home to say she’d cover the cost of the vaccinations and we could just pay for the office visit ($45), and while that is totally awesome of her, it doesn’t change the fact that d and i are so furious with the system not working for two bright, educated people in between employment that provides benefits that we don’t think the regular working poor of this country have a chance in hell.

today’s title is from the musical movin’ out


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