better days

well some good things happened today, to make up for yesterday’s fiasco.

i learned that because propel is switching health care providers, i too will also switch to the new provider. and because it’s open enrollment, i can just add avi to the new policy, thereby eliminating the need for dealing with county assistance ever again. not only that, but the new provider is considerably cheaper AND better, so i can’t really see any drawbacks at this point.

i have approximetely 60 drawings to do for pasa before the 18th of december. this would not normally fall under the “better” category, but if you keep in mind that the more i draw, the more money i make, well then it’s all good, eh?

the bug went to my parent’s house today and i was secretly glad to go back and nap for a bit before getting to work. he is in such pain from teething, and last night he cried and cried and finally fell asleep around 7:30pm only to wake himself up screaming (no kidding) about an hour later. he ate a bit and went right back to bed nice and easy until about 4:30am, and though he sort of slept from 5am to 8am after eating, he was so fidgety and his whimpers so mournful that i didn’t really sleep well the rest of the night. again, none of this falls in with “better” exactly, except i got to nap today and it seems that he had a pretty good day with my mom so that’s always good.

we’re going grocery shopping and then to pick him up, so the final absolute best thing is that we will once again have food in the house rather than leftovers. i have been craving frozen-banana-and-chocolate-soy-milk shakes, so all will be right in the world again.

and at some point i’ll post the pictures from thanksgiving too.

today’s title is from the musical the hunchback of notre dame


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