thanksgiving day

so we were up in the mountains for thanksgiving this year, and yes i know i’m a week late in reporting about it, but hey – it takes us at least three days to get resettled with the bug and all after any long trip, and this was a doozy!

let’s talk about how much snow we had! oh my goodness, it was also the WORST timed snowstorm ever – so that both those of us coming from pittsburgh and those traveling from philadelphia were slammed wednesday evening. we assumed we were going to be the last ones there – as usual, only this year with a good excuse for the first time. we packed up the scion with avi and all his accessories and spent an hour and a half getting somewhere that usually takes about 40 minutes.

the last hill – the driveway up to the house – was the worst. we got stuck barely a third of the way up. d thought we should give up and call for backup, but i wanted to try it some more. he got behind the car and i revved it up as high as it would go and he pushed and…we chugged along in first gear, spinning snow all over the place but sloooooooowly moving up the hill. he kept yelling at me to just keep going, don’t worry about him, and i did until i got almost to the top and tried to put the car in second gear. not so smart! we did the whole push/spin/rev thing again, and eventually made it to the top where a warm fire awaited us. we learned then that jessie and tim and jenna had wrecked (minor-ly, thank goodness) on the way, ron and sue and ben and emily were still en route, and josh had missed his exit coming from the airport – but had brilliantly thought to upgrade his rental to a four-wheel drive!

all arrived safely eventually and though i tried to keep avi asleep, both he and his aunts and uncles and cousins weren’t having it! appropriate oohs and ahs resulted, and when we finally all got to sleep, it was both very late and very well deserved.

dinner on thursday was delicious as usual, made more complicated not by the addition of our son but by the unpredictable power outages. nothing like cooking turkey in an electric oven when the power is intermittently going out!

it was awesome to see ben and josh again (though just between me and…the entire internet, they both seemed a little intimidated by the bug!) d usually keeps atrocious hours over the thanksgiving weekend, and this one was no exception. he and josh were often up until 7am or so, and then of course they have to be functional by the next afternoon to hang out with everyone else. one thing that was definitely great was the help we had offered from nearly everyone – d’s mom especially would poke her head in our room in the morning and offer to take avi when he got up (for good) around 8am or so. though i could never compete with d and josh, i did manage to stay up until 2 or 3am a couple times, so those morning reprieves were definitely appreciated!

on saturday afternoon almost everyone else went out to see the new harry potter movie. we stayed back with avi and d’s sister and her boyfriend (they’d seen it already), so although i wish i’d gotten to see the film, it was great to spend some time with just jess and tim too, especially since they’re moving to austin in january.

saturday night we went out to a fancy dinner for d’s grandparents’ sixtieth wedding anniversary. isn’t that awesome?! it was a fabulous place and avi was so wonderfully behaved the entired time – not even sleeping, just totally docile and chilling during dinner, and then wanting to be held a bit after by all the willing family members.

it’s certainly way more difficult to travel with avi, and i look forward to when he’s even just a bit older and can just be set down some where for a bit while we get things together or load the car or whatever, but all in all, trips like these really reiterate to me why he is such an awesome baby! just a complete doll the entire time, showing off his new-found hand skills, and sleeping like a champ. go avi, go!

here are my favorite pictures from the weekend. email me if you want to see the whole album.

mommy's little ham

today’s title is from the musical the good old bad old days
i don’t have a CLUE what that is, but i like the song title!


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