a visit

i think on monday after avi’s doctor appointment (newly rescheduled after i added him to my COBRA), i am going to swing by campus to show off the bug. a number of people have asked to see him recently (and anne is always up for it!) and i want to touch base with susan tsu, a professor who wasn’t there when we were because she used to teach at ut-austin (ahem…) it’s also been decades since i’ve visted the treehouse, and i want to see the gorgeous murals that were painted in the hallway for playground in person.

i’m a little stir-crazy, but still not properly motivated to do much about it. it’s an odd feeling. i have so much drawing to do still, but it is coming along nicely. avi is at my parents’ house today, so that is helpful for work, but not for stir-craziness. next week i teach three sessions of playwriting at carlynton high school, and i have plans to see a movie with elana and hang out with marisa boevers nee dollinger, so i think if i can just get through the weekend i will be fine. i’m just feeling cooped in, so it will be nice to get out – even with avi – for awhile. it’s not d, we’re fine too, i think it’s just that when all i see is the three of us over and over again, well, we all need some fresh air once in awhile, right?

today’s title is from the musical kiss of the spiderwoman

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