help yourself

so last night, my friend elana (who is five months pregnant) was driving back to pittsburgh after a weekend in ohio with her husband (they are moving to cleveland, and he’s already started his job there). she came into town right at the worst possible point of snow and ice on the roads, after they’d realized that we’d accumulated three inches without public works doing squat because they were expecting “flurries”.

so elana’s car spun around on shady avenue, right by the center for the arts, and ended up on the opposite side of the road stuck in a bank of snow in the path of oncoming traffic – which, luckily, was not there at the time the accident happened, and was going very slowly when it did drive by.

she was understandably totally freaked out, and right as her car got stuck, a kdka news van pulled up. she got out of her car and yelled to them for help, but they got out of their van, ignored her, and started filming!

eventually, another driver stopped to help her, and she and her son pushed elana’s car off the road the rest of the way, and then drove her the three blocks to her house. kdka tried to interview the woman who helped her, and she finally answered several questions, but then they turned to elana and said something like, oh we didn’t ask you any questions because you looked upset!

elana was safe and sound at home, relating the story to me as i’m positively fuming at the audacity and ridiculousness of our local “news” reporters, and i told her that i wanted to watch the 11 o’clock news last night, just in case they went even further and put any of this on the air.

sure enough, there her car was, spinning and getting stuck on shady avenue. the announcer comes on and says, “this car on shady avenue slid right across oncoming traffic into the opposite lane. inside, the driver, five months pregnant and literally stuck!”

then they cut to the woman who helped her, showed a very brief interview, cut to the woman helping elana across the street, and then showed the car stuck one more time.

elana’s already written a letter to the editor about the whole fiasco – just the fact that kdka would witness an accident, refuse to help – or even inquire as to whether the driver was okay – and then FILM IT! makes my stomach churn.

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why i make it a point never to watch our local news.

oh and today’s title is from the musical the last laugh

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