thank you, madam

i did a poor job of communicating thankfulness at thanksgiving. i listed what we did over the holiday weekend, but didn’t laud the people and things that made it possible. this past weekend, and then yesterday in particular, i was reminded of how absolutely awesome and amazing and supportive my parents are. they top the list of things i am truly blessed to have in my life.

1. my incredible parents, who are always understanding no matter what my crisis, and the first in line to lend a hand to see me through
2. d, with all our ups and downs, ins and outs, and upsidedowns. there is no one else i can imagine sharing my life with.
3. my brother and his wife, who i appreciate so much more now that they’re so far away, and who i can’t wait to help move back to pittsburgh hopefully some day soon
4. d’s family, who have been nothing but welcoming and loving to me since the day i walked into their lives, almost six years ago
5. my education, which i have such little persective on sometimes that i tend to take it for granted, re-realizing almost daily that not everyone walking around has had the chance to stuff their minds full of the knowledge i’ve had access to
6. my friends from college, like the ones probably reading this right now, who have seen me grow as a person – and still like me! – much as i have been able to share in their growth as well
7. my friends from work, which is a shorter list by choice, but an important part of my life here in pittsburgh
8. my friends through work, like all the new growing theater folks, or some of the performers or designers i’ve worked with once and then stayed in touch with because of a personal connection outside of the job
9. my work experience – even the crazy hellish parts – because it’s definitively shaped who i am today, and who i want to be in the future
10. my talent, which has been enhanced by education and experience, but that i would be loathe to leave out on a list of what i have to be grateful for.

and of course, the obvious new addition,

11. my son, who continues to amaze me daily with how beautiful, bright, and remarkable he is. the whole time i was pregnant, i couldn’t wait to meet this new person, and now that he’s almost five months old, every day i learn something more about who he will become. and it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.

today’s title is from the musical she loves me


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