steppin’ out with my baby

the past several days have been full of baby milestones.

1. avi is eating two – uh, servings? – of rice cereal a day now, where ‘serving’ is defined as some flakes of rice cereal mixed with some formula til it reaches a consistency just slightly more watery than would be appealing for oatmeal. i sent out the first batch of pictures to most of you. it’s pretty amusing stuff. we’ve made some adjustments, set up his booster seat, bought some new rubber coated spoons (in bright eye-catching colors) and the difference is remarkable. tonight he was grabbing for the spoon and helping pull it to his mouth! genius!

2. yesterday, avi rolled over a total of seven times in two sittings. we put him on his tummy in front of his baby mirror, and he eventually sees himself and it goes something like this: fuss, smile, shy face, look up, smile, giggle, shy face, smile, look for baby behind the mirror, poof! – roll over. so we put him back on his tummy and the whole thing repeats. it’s good for about three times max, and then it’s more like fuss, smile, fuss, fuss, smile, fuss, smile, fuss, fuss, fuss… which is his way of letting us know it’s time for a new position.

3. today, avi started sitting by himself for up to about 15 seconds at a time. this is a big deal, since he’s been sitting with our help for awhile, but tends to start to topple (in any direction, really. it’s pretty unpredictable) as soon as we take our hands away. this afternoon and tonight, though, i took away my support hand and he stayed! in fact, he stayed long enough that we played several rounds of peekaboo with d and i only ended up reaching out to catch avi when he jumped with delight at a particularly strong boo from his daddy!

i am getting sick, and this is my crunch weekend for pasa, so it’s a bad combination. i’m drinking theraflu as i type this, which i hope will allow me to get through at least three drawings tonight before bed. we’ll see.

today’s title is from the musical there’s no business like show business


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