you gotta die sometime

in what should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever had winter contact with me, i am now officially sick.

we’re talking hacky cough, sore throat, thick nasty foul-colored gunk in my lungs, nasal congestion – the works. it’s bad enough that i’m having alot of trouble sleeping, and last night i literally sat in the recliner with a tshirt, sweatshirt, wool socks, sweat pants, and a down comforter just waiting desperately for my fever to break, and then when it did i was so instantly covered in a cold sweat that i put my head in the freezer to get some fast relief.

there’s this liquid tylenol severe cold and flu blue stuff that i had to wait ten minutes to buy at the pharmacy since it contains ingredients used to make meth, so all of us normal sick people have to pay the price and show our drivers’ licenses in order to purchase it. anyway, it seems to work somewhat. it tempers the cough, which is good, and softens the sore throat, which is good, but does nothing for the snot or the gunk, which is bad. still, it’s better than anything else i’ve tried. clearly i need some delicious nyquil at night to help me sleep, though. why do they all have to be liquid and taste so foul? can’t someone harness the power of nyquil in a pill? and don’t tell me those liquid capsuls do it, because they don’t.

avi and i went to get coffee today with meghan, because i am a glutton for punishment. he was awesome, but i suffered later and felt like crap when we got home – and then guilty on top of that because i hadn’t gotten any work done. it was, however, quite excellent to get out of the house and hang out with miss meghan herself, and hear about crits and other news in the lives of graduate students at cmu. and the other day we had a short visit with marisa and david also, so it’s been quite the week for social calls. marisa baked cookies, and she and david brought them by on sunday while i was working and avi was at my parents’ house. it was fun to see her and david – i had to cancel a playdate with marisa last week that hopefully can be rescheduled after “the holidays” – even though the house was a mess. and cookies for lunch are always welcome!

so now that i am in the throngs (throes?) of my first winter affliction, i will be that much more excited about spending the next two days drawing like the wind to get my pasa contract completed. um, right. not really something i’m looking forward to, especially since i saved all my least favorite drawings for last. oh well, guess i’ll go lay down for a bit before getting up to face the drafting table.

today’s title is from the musical falsettoland


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