friday show and tell

i’m a little slow on the up-take, but i’m having a lazy day despite getting six drawings finished. six more to go by monday, no problem whatsoever.

so a little backstory – this is another game i’ve totally sniefed from babelbabe. for some reason i am deciding to play RIGHT NOW at 6pm friday night, instead of earlier in the day when most people could enjoy it. the topic of the week was “share something you’ve crafted.” problem is, i don’t really “craft” but i do make stuff. i do draw stuff. i do paint stuff. hell, i’m a designer, right?

anyway, this is what i came up with – things around the house that i’ve sculpted, painted, or created in some fashion.

this is about 12″x12″ and made of thick sculptural clay fired twice to be super beefy. i made it when i taught ceramics at peabody high school in east liberty.

this is the same size, but sadly broken (not so beefy afterall, eh?) during one of our moves. i’m totally disappointed because i love the blue and i love the design and i love the texture. one of these days i’ll get around to seeing if it’s repairable.

this painting hangs in our bedroom – do not adjust your monitors, that IS indeed the color of the accent wall in that room! the painting itself is about three feet across. it’s printed on muslin and then stretched.

and this is a picture of a show i designed forever ago while still in school. incredible inane show, as a matter of fact, but i really dig this picture. it makes it look cooler than it actually was.


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