i know things now

man, if i had been able to accurately forecast how my day went yesterday, i would have stayed in bed!

i was scheduled to teach at washington and jefferson college (in washington, pa, mind you) from 9am to 6pm, with an hour break at one. that of course meant leaving the house at 7:30am so i could get there with enough time to set up my board and get my ducks in a row. the morning session was a freshmen class, the afternoon was sophomores.

i could go on and on about the actual details of the first problem, but all you really need to know is that they sent the wrong books for the freshmen, and so we had to cancel the class. (i’ll just have to do a double session with them next saturday.) the result was poor me, stuck in scenic washington with nothing to do and four hours to kill. it is just far enough away to be too far to justify driving home and since my boss was paying me regardless (which meant d DID say it would be ok to drive home if i really really wanted to) i decided to just hang out…somehow.

i had the brilliant idea to get my haircut and eyebrows done, because hey – when the hell else am i going to do that? i am very happy with the resulting thin sculpted brow, but my hair looks…the same. d swore he could tell i got a trim, but whatever. it was not expensive, and i did tell her i’m trying to grow it out (why? i look terrible with long hair! mark my words, it will get long enough to pull every last strand into a sensible ponytail and i’ll lop it all off again), but i couldn’t help but feel disappointed that it wasn’t more drastic. i messed around some more, made some phone calls, ate a colby cheese sandwhich i’d brought (you know, because i’m trying to lose weight…ahem) and read the boondocks anthology i bought myself last week. eventually it was time for my afternoon class, or at least close enough to it that i could justify going back inside the building.

again, i could go on and on about the actual details of the second problem, but all you really need to know is that i was told the sophomores would be using one book (and prepped with said book), but in reality they had the same damn out-of-date book i had just refused to teach the morning class! so, i winged it. i lectured for about three hours straight (that is A LOT of talking) and they took copious notes, and i filled three blackboards. it was nuts. and then i luckily had a handout of the passages we were going to go over from the book i have, so we did that for the last hour. what a mess.

needless to say, i made it very very clear to my boss (who was horrified at all the disasters i had to deal with) that there’s no way any of the other teachers would have been able to handle that. they are damn lucky to have me, and damn lucky i agreed to go to w&j in the first place, and that is NOT me just being cocky.

today i taught from 10am to 2pm at cmu – brand new class (i can teach the first class blindfolded, i swear) and really interesting all-female dynamic. after that it was home, pack up the baby, send him to d’s parents’ house with d, and draw draw draw the last six pictures for pasa. i have three left – i thought that was a reasonable breaking spot – and when i scan them later, i’ll post a couple.

edit: finally finished them, so i thought i’d share a couple of the little ones and a detail of one of the large ones. remember, these are images specifically used in the testing of special needs children in third, fifth, eighth, and eleventh grade. all the drawings i did were in response to a written test question prompt, and almost all of them will be paired with verbal directions from the test proctor.

this is part of a series where students are identifying action. hopefully you all can tell what she is doing…

same series – he’s going to an amusement park. i am recalling now that in actuality, the students taking the test have to identify which action takes the longest time to accomplish.

hopefully you can vaccuum faster than you can spend all day at kennywood…

today’s title is from the musical into the woods, and is sung by little red, the part i played the first time i did this show. the second time i designed it, but i sang it in my head :)


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