is what time the baby went to bed tonight. because he’s awesome. and because he knows i can barely keep my eyes open.

last night i was up until about 4am finishing my drawings for pasa (some of which i added to yesterday’s post if you’re interested) and so of course today was very very difficult. add to that the unfortunate coincidence that d is again leaving for washington d.c., this time to help his sister load up their pods for the big move to texas. he’ll be back on wednesday, but it still meant i was basically on my own with avi and completely exhausted all day long.

elise is coming to visit this week, and i am so very much excited. it will be excellent to show off how gigantic and genius avi has become, as well as hang out with another girl for an extended amount of time. we plan to cause trouble in at least three museums, with and without the bug, and promise to get trashed like teenagers with their parents’ stash at least one night.

i think that i am going to do the only appealing-sounding thing possible…i am going to retreat to the bedroom with a double issue of the new yorker and read until my eyes can’t stay open.

i’d say, fifteen minutes, tops.

i’ll probably be back up later, though (i think this is probably just a nap), and i told d he could call if i had to play onstar again. perhaps i’ll have something more interesting to report then.

today’s title is from the musical – what else? – nine.


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