sleep, [elise] laura, sleep

don’t know the show, don’t know the song, but it IS her middle name!

last night, elise and i had a sleepover, since d was in d.c., and she was in from d.c. (funny how it works like that). we had a delightful time drinking some beer and then some vanilla vodka and cranberry juice just like old times – only with a darling boy asleep two rooms away. he is so fantastic, he had oatmeal before bed right when lisi got here, and then slept until 8:30am this morning. he’s slept through the night for over a month now.

it was so fabulous to just sit and talk with an adult (albeit one who’s still a kid at heart, thank goodness!) with no pressure about getting home or checking in with d or worrying about the baby. since we were just here at home, we could be totally relaxed and just hang out. i made us grilled cheese at about 1:30am and we sat on the couch with our sandwiches and reminisced about…let’s just call them crazier times, eh?

when we finally snuggled down in bed, neither of us was very sleepy right away. we talked and giggled (okay, laughed hysterically) for another hour or so before eventually falling asleep. what fun!

so now d is back and lisi will be here until sunday, so i look forward to more happy times to come. tomorrow we are meeting elana for dessert at the walnut grill in shadyside. i am very excited for them to meet, and to see how hugely pregnant elana is by now. hooray for new babies! AND she’s having a boy, which is also great news! too bad she and her husband are moving back to cleveland to be near her family.

anyway, lots coming up – i finished a round of revisions to my pasa drawings, and tomorrow i go to the dentist for the first time in ages. friday i have a meeting at city theater about my upcoming playwrighting residency. saturday i teach at w&j again, as well as tutor…and in between, hopefully a visit to the children’s museum and carnegie science center with lisi and the bug!

today’s title is from the musical goblin market


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