the interview

i think i used this song from ziegfeld follies before, but i had another interview, and it’s not like there is a large cache of musical songs about seeking gainful employment…

i had my second interview today at a place i choose not to reveal until i know one way or another. i’m also not going to delve into too much detail, because i am tired and hungry and feeling kind of roller coaster emotion-y.

i had a really great first interview. i knew when i left that it was. i thought i had a really great second interview. now i’m not so sure.

it weirds me out that i can’t tell. it makes me second guess myself.

the interview itself was with one woman who i met with before, and who i’ve known from previous interactions at…this place, and with one new woman who i think was underwhelmed with me or my experience or my ideas or something. the thing is, everything i brought (they asked me to prepare something) was totally in line with what she said she wanted, and so i don’t know if she was just tired of interviewing or it was something personal about me specifically.

and i was late for the interview itself, because there was no place to park because they were super busy today because school was out…but they knew that, and they met me at the door, and i apologized, and i think it was okay…

except i don’t really know, and i just want a job so i don’t have to worry about it anymore, even though we’re okay for for awhile, i just don’t want to be concerned with what comes after that while.

i’m going to go make some lunch.


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