wishful thinking

so a week and a half ago, i got absolutely blitzed in the privacy of my own home. it was completely unintentional – i was drinking 9% beer and didn’t realize it – and the result was me lying in bed with the room spinning like i was nineteen all over again. the only good thing to say is that i didn’t throw up, but man i wanted to.

the next morning i was obviously seriously hungover, and in no shape to deal with myself, much less my son. d, who had obviously witnessed my ridiculousness the night before, was both sympathetic to my head and completely failed to reprimand me for my utter stupidity. i guess he felt i was being punished enough as it was. he got up early with avi (i’m *always* the one that gets up first) and let me sleep until oh, i don’t know, ten or eleven o’clock. he even brought me ibuprofen and fully supported a nap later in the afternoon.

i didn’t deserve any of that, because it was my own dumb fault, but it was soooooooo awesome.

well last night i went out and had a great time and got home quite late. i had exactly one beer, which i nursed over about an hour, and was decidedly un-drunk, or even buzzed. and this morning, avi decided that instead of sleeping until 9am like he has been doing, he’d get up at 7:15am – probably because i’ve been telling everyone what an awesome sleeper he is, or perhaps because he knew i went to bed close to 3am.

anyway, i found myself almost wishing i HAD been drunk last night because then when his royal highness called over the monitor that he was awake, i could have rolled over groggily and let d take this one, instead of obligingly getting up to greet my happy baby on four and a half hours of sleep.

i’m now trying to “play him out” so he’ll take his morning nap early. then it is back to bed for me!

today’s title is from the musical the secret garden


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