i am so proud

i went to my first printmaking class last night. it is great to be back in the studio again. of course right now i am so exhausted i can’t possibly come up with enough descriptive adjectives to do it justice. i went out before class to buy a new printer and i needed it set up for this morning. setting it up after class pushed my work-start-time to ridiculously late, and once i finally got to bed i couldn’t make my brain stop thinking. i am literally counting the days until i go back on meds to help with this very issue.

anyway, here are my two favorite prints from last night’s class:
i think this might be the first in a series. we’ll see. it’s decidedly un-andrea in style, but that’s sort of the point.

this was an attempt at a specific style i use in photoshop frequently. i’m not super thrilled with the results – it’s being shared for comparison sake, though. the colors are weak and the layering was just not as powerful as an effect as i can get digitally. more finetuning is necessary.

i also taught my first playwriting class today. it’s easy to slip back into teacher mode, and today was an excellent opportunity to reaffirm that i’m actually quite good at it. more on that after tomorrow, the second of two three hour workshops that kick off the class.

today’s title is from the musical the hot mikado


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