grandma’s song

avi celebrated being six months old in a big way this week, by staying over night all by himself at nana and grandpop’s house! my parents were awesome enough to undertake this unique opportunity so i could work friday, d and i could go see his sister in a chorus line friday night, i could work again saturday, and d could go help his sister move to an apartment in bloomfield saturday afternoon. avi is such a rock star that he of course slept fine at my parents’ house, and is now hanging out with nana! what a big boy!

indeed, what a big boy – we went to our new doctor on thursday and these are the numbers:

20lbs, 4.5oz (85th percentile)
28.5 inches (95th percentile)

she proclaimed him in great health and the whole staff was taken with how absolutely beautiful and happy he is. clearly with those numbers, though, we need to be thinking seriously of getting him an agent when his pro career takes off! he was almost as big as a SIXTEEN MONTH OLD baby we saw at kazansky’s the other night!!

so in addition to being the best mom ever, and therefore the best nana ever, my mom also got avi several fabulous steeler outfits for the super bowl. i haven’t really talked much about the upcoming game because we’re pretty superstitious around here. we’ll just say that the bug will be quite festively attired next week and leave it to that until after the results are in.

back to work on what is hopefully my last round of redos and additions for the state assessment tests. (and for those of you keeping track, this is at least the second time i’ve thought that. they keep needing more!)

oh and today’s title is from elton john’s new musical billy elliot.


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