homemade meme

this is stolen from babelbabe, who in turn got it from someone else who made it himself. that’s right, kids – witness the birth of a meme. the thing that is important to note is that this is NOT a list of favorites. i don’t know how other people have approached this, but for me, this is a list of items that shaped me into who i am, and a couple of them are not positive memories (though many of them are!)

Movies You Need To See To Understand Me Better
the princess bride
the emperor’s new groove
notting hill
fight club
eternal sunshine
moulin rouge
the breakfast club
teenage mutant ninja turtles
american history x
meet the feebles
**what dreams may come
disney’s robin hood
high fidelity

Albums You Need To Listen To Understand Me Better
anything ben folds
king of yesterday, by jude
stormfront, by billy joel
big river soundtrack
falsettos soundtrack
anything bad religion (bonus points for recipe for hate)
rent soundtrack
frankenchrist, by dead kennedys
flood, by they might by giants
brige over troubled water, by simon and garfunkel (is that the one with the sparrow song?)
xo by elliot smith
less talk more rock, by propaghandi
rites of passage, by the indigo girls
…and justice for all, by metallica

TV Shows You Need to (Have) Watch(ed) To Understand Me Better
the daily show
good eats
venture bros.
kids incorporated
punky brewster
star treck:the next generation
the young riders

Books You Need To Read To Understand Me Better
cryptonomicon, by neal stephenson
the source, by james michener
agyar, by stephen brust
the vlad taltos series, by stephen brust
sarum, by edward rutherford
everything you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask, by david reuben m.d. (old school 1969 version)
survivor, by chuck palahniuk
frog and toad are friends, by arnold lobel
the very hungry caterpillar, by eric carle
the myth series by robert asprin
crime and punishment, by dostoevsky
the adventures of huckleberry finn, by mark twain
the plague, by albert camus

Toys or Games You Need To Play To Understand Me Better
matchbox cars
fashion plates
**capture the flag

Musicals/Plays You Need To See To Understand Me Better
sweeny todd
fences, by august wilson
west side story
*anything by ibsen
into the woods
the emigrants, by slawomir mrozek
grimm tales, by the young vic company
the clockwork orange (preferably a certain specific production in the hamburg eight years ago)

Periodicals You Need To Read To Understand Me Better
the new yorker
time magazine
brain, child (just got my first issue, oh my goodness it is amazing)
pc world

Places You Need To Visit To Understand Me Better
canton, ohio
celina, ohio
portland, oregon
seaside, oregon
bethany beach
long beach island, new jersey
niagara falls

Comestibles & Libations Of Which You Must Partake To Understand Me Better
chocolate milkshakes
a nice wheat beer with lemon
latkes with sour cream
****shots of aftershock
the salad bar at sweet tomatoes in portland
buffalo bites from the sharp edge
frankie’s oooooooooohs
tuna tartare from soba
ethiopian food
vodka and hot chocolate in 33
new year’s eve dinner at tsunami in buffalo, ny
mint chocolate chip breyers ice cream
coke icees
and sushi

*so i think i’m going to code the unfortunate ones – you know, the ones that taught me to suck it up and deal :)


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