art for art’s sake

last night i started the aquatint process on my zinc plate. i didn’t get enough accomplished to print another proof, but i did get some monotypes printed to quench my fix. i just really like the feel of bringin home a finished product, even if it’s just an experimental one.

i played around with paper types and layering. i like alot of the effects.

then on the way home from the studio, i was sitting at the corner of penn and braddock and witnessed a car accident. not just any kind, mind you. a total hit-and-run. two cars ahead of me in the right lane, the guy just GUNNED IT BACKWARDS and went into the car behind him. then he TOOK OFF SUPER FAST, turning into the gas station and tearing out of the other side of the parking lot and onto braddock in the opposite direction. this was all during a red light, so when the light turned green a went on through and started to process what i had just seen. as it started to make as much sense as something like that can, i turned around and went back to make sure the guy who was hit was okay. our conversation went something like this:

me: are you okay?!
guy: i’m a little freaked out!
me: what the fuck was that?!
guy: i have no idea, i’ve never seen anything like that before!

the front end of his car was totaled, but he managed to get it up and into the gas station parking lot while we waited for the cops. he was also brilliant enough to get almost the entire license plate number. i was pretty useless as a witness – all i could attest to was the fact that it was a blue sedan and that everyone had been stopped at the red light right before it happened. we agreed that that would be more useful to the insurance company than the police, so i gave him my number and headed on home.


today’s title is from the musical the cradle will rock


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