apologies to a cow

i’ve been really negligent about posting for pretty much the entire month of february. i don’t have a very good excuse – i’m not in grad school, and i’m not working full time. i am teaching four classes (two mcat, one reading comprehension, and one playwriting) and tutoring three students. i’m also taking a printmaking open studio on monday nights.

oh right, and there’s this seven month old whirling dervish who lives with us!

so for those of you who’ve asked what on earth we’ve been up to, here goes:

avi is doing fabulously. he has two huge bottom teeth that are all the way in, and two more on top that are about half way in. the catch is, the teeth coming in on top are not the top middle (central incisors), but are instead the outside two (lateral incisors). to make this more clear, it looks like avi has already lost his two front teeth, but in fact he hasn’t gotten them yet. apparently this is a rather unconventional teething order, but nothing to be concerned about. we can feel the top two middle teeth under his gums so we assume we’ll see them soon, but in the meantime it is rather silly looking.

in the world of eating, avi has progressed beyond nasty cereal and into a variety of mashed meats, vegetables, fruits, and grains. he’s an excellent eater and we also recently started with finger foods. let me just tell you, watching him try to put a little star-shaped cracker into his mouth has become one of the highlights of lunch and dinnertime. it’s also remarkable how quickly he’s gotten better with this skill. seriously, at the beginning of the week we were just showing him the crackers and he was picking them up and missing his mouth entirely. he’d eat them only if we put them directly into his mouth. this afternoon, he was all about just feeding himself and occaisonally needing some redirection (they get soggy fast and stick to his palms). soon he’ll be scarfing down his snacks just like his parents do.

as far as mobility goes, avi’s mastered rolling over as well as rolling across the floor. some of you have seen the insane upsidedown inch worm thing he does to get from place to place too. he can tentatively crawl backwards, and will occaisonally go a little bit forward, but it seems that he still just has all the skills in place and has yet to really get it enough to put them all together. this is a very entertaining stage to be in (from our perspective), but he also gets frustrated quickly. most amusingly, he will be trying trying trying to crawl forward, and the act of reaching for something (usually put in his path for incentive) will cause him to roll over onto his back, and then he gets distracted with something else or a new viewpoint or whatever, and then he eventually rolls over again onto his tummy and the whole cycle starts again.

next week, avi goes to the infant language and learning lab at carnegie mellon to participate in a study that my friend sarah designed the stimuli for. d and i are both excited to see the whole process, mostly because we’re geeks like that.

i’m still looking for a full time job. i keep applying for great grant-funded positions with organizations who decide halfway through the search process that they actually don’t know quite what they’re doing with the grant yet. it’s happened twice, both times after three interviews, and it’s a little disheartening even though i know it has nothing to do with me. my pasa drawings are all complete (and have been for several weeks) and so now i’m just teaching and hanging out with the baby and getting fat. it’s awesome. except for the fat part.

i am ready to go back to work, though. i have anxieties about money frequently, and i want to move, and i feel like we can’t plan to do that until i have a steady income planned out. it’s a little bit crazy, but not yet worth getting crazy over.

and that’s pretty much it. not really alot on our end, but as i said, that avi kid sure is a keeper. for my sake, i’d like to do a better job of keeping track of what’s up with the bug and his daily accomplishments. it’s nice to have a written record of it. i guess i just need to be more disciplined. surprise.

today’s title is from the musical bat boy


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