zip a dee doo dah

how sad is avi? soooooo sad!

there’s no way to transcribe the “melody” of that baby game in text, but that’s okay because it doesn’t actually go that way anyhow. normally around here we sing it as big rather than bad, but after the past two days, it’s sad all the way.

poor avi is having a rough time with his two front teeth. the left one is visible now, and we expect the right one any day now, but my goodness another day like the two we’ve had might just push us over the edge. he is so obviously in pain, and i also suspect that the ibuprofen is not doing enough because he’s larger than the highest dosage (meaning i think he weighs more than infant ibuprofen is meant to really work on). tomorrow i am going to call our awesome doctor about this theory, because it’s basically waring off about two hours early and then he is miserable until the next dose. guess what? we’re miserable then too.

tonight he got himself so worked up at the end of dinner (chicken, brown rice, and apricots! what a big boy!) that i couldn’t change him. he kept arching his back and he was crying so hard and his face was getting all red and he’d try to roll away from me on the top of the dresser, so i had to stop because it was just too heartbreaking! i walked around and hugged him and sang to him (zip a dee doo dah is still THE song to calm him down, no matter what the circumstances) and eventually we sat down and tried some more of his bottle. he almost put himself to sleep right there, but unfortunately i couldn’t let him do that since i still had to get him ready for bed. we went through the whole sad ritual one more time only i successfully managed to put his his pajamas on and he finished his bottle and was out like a light.

poor poor bug.

tommorrow morning he goes to my mom’s house so i can go get a haircut and then we’re going to our rescheduled appointment at the infant lab at cmu. i teach tomorrow evening so d will be on his own (like i was tonight since he has class) so hopefully tomorrow is better all around.

today’s title is from the musical review that’ll be the day


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