drink this wine that i pledge you

last night i experienced first hand why there is a warning about mixing ritalin with alcohol. which is not to say that i got smashed or anything – far, far from it. however, i definetly was more sleepy from one beer (one beer!) than i ever thought possible. that’s fine with me, since that’s all i’m really reccommended to consume anymore. and i guess to be fair it was a british pint, so slightly more than a single beer, but still well below what i would typically drink if i wasn’t being so responsible and taking my meds.

right, just to clarify, that was prescribed ritalin, not hey-wanna-check-out-this-great-stuff-i-got?-from-some-guy-in-
the-parking-lot ritalin. there is a huge difference. as val and i were discussing yesterday, i don’t get the benefit recreational users get because um, well, it just pretty much does what it’s supposed to for me, which is clear my head and allow me to focus on well, life.

thus endeth today’s bearing of the soul.

anyway, today i am also tired and sluggish, mostly because mondays are so insanely booked anymore, AND i went out after studio. i had good and frustrating results with my prints yesterday. i think when avi takes his next nap i’ll post them, but i do believe that i will take advantage of this particular slumber with a short nap myself.

today’s title is from the musical (who knew?) beowulf


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