picture postcard poifect

here are some of the prints i’ve been working on in the printmaking studio.

i’ve added a couple different aquatints to the etching i’ve been messing around with for the past several weeks. last week i printed it again in sepia tones on handmade paper.

i have to go back now and rework the curtains, since they’re getting lost now with the other shading. there’s also way too much ink being picked up over near the stocking, so i might have to scrape and burnish that down so i don’t have so much ick down near the toe.

last week i also started working on some monotypes of avi’s name in hebrew. i was very happy with the results of the first letter, aleph.

but unfortunately, i had some difficulty with the other two.

i spent alot of time playing around with color and shape on the second letter, bet, and i didn’t notice until much later that i’d essentially dropped the necessary little bump out separating it from the letter kaf.

even worse was what happened with the last letter, yud.

i used a thinner plate for this one, but when i ran it through the press i forgot to account for that, so in comparison to the other two, this looks like a ghost image. very very frustrating. i tried some more this week, but i had paper sticking issues, so only d got to see them. i’ll try one more time next week.

i did do a test print of a photo transfer etching i’ve been working on, featuring everyone’s favorite baby.

d and i were looking at these late last night after i got home from rock bottom and we thought that in black tones on white paper, it looks alot like a picture on a milk carton! to avoid that, i’m going to reprint it next week in sepia on the same paper as the other etching. we think that will make it look sort of old or rustic, rather than a little bit freaky and kidnapped. still cute either way, though.

and finally, i had time for another quick experimental monotype.

i’m playing around with layers in this format, trying to see how much depth i can achieve with a very painterly method of printmaking. i think the best way to test this out is with natural foliage, so that’s what i keep working with. i’m pretty pleased with it, and should i mention again how much i love this homemade paper?

today’s title is from the musical postcards on parade

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