in three-quarter time

the past couple of days have been an absolute whirlwind, but mostly in a good way.
quick list:

dinner at d’s parents’ house sunday
teaching all day monday
class monday night
out with friends after class
interview tuesday morning
tutoring tuesday afternoon
dinner at my parents’ tonight

and we’ll cap that list off with the fact that i’m doing my taxes over there this evening also. awesome!

i’ve been reading alot of young adult literature lately, since i can snief it from the library at SSA. last week i read sabriel by garth nix. i’m not actually sure i would call this a young adult book – it scared the hell out of me. it was good, just…intense. i’m reading the sequel this week but it’s actually a little disappointing. i don’t like the characters as much at all – they’re not quite sympathetic enough, or smart enough or something. on friday i hope to be able to trade it in for the third and final book.

i also re-read the giver by lois lowry. i was – i am – absolutely floored. this book bothered me so very very much. i’m not sure if it’s because i’m over empathizing now that i have a child now, or what, but i actually had to turn on the tv and watch something stupid just to get the overwhelming sense of loss out of my head. i did not feel uplifted at the end, i was just horribly horribly sad.

avi’s up, i’ll finish this later.

today’s title is from the musical pardon my english.


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