then we are decided

i think we have chosen an apartment. it is a duplex in forest hills – not the house in regent square of my dreams, but a sufficiently nice place with most of the amenities on the list.

it’s a two bedroom, but there is a large basement we can use as the computer room/studio. also, the washer and dryer down there would be ours, to use and take when we move.

the kitchen is small, but d approved it as perfectly fine and a huge improvement over our current kitchen. there is a large covered deck in the back, but no yard – so we can go out for fresh air but not really to play outside. it’s definetly big enough to put a grill and small table on, though, and d is looking forward to that.

to make up for the lack of yard, there is a park two blocks away with a playground and trails. there is also a larger park with ballfields and pavillions and the like about a two minute drive away.

no garage, but there is a driveway in front of the house.

there is only one bathroom, but we don’t use our second one very often as it is. i have mild worries that will change as avi gets older, but i don’t think we’re planning to be in this house for longer than three years or so – we’d like to buy one of our own.

i am seeing one more place wednesday morning, in the edgewood area of regent square. it’s the first floor of a duplex. it has a small yard, and laundry hookups in the basement. i am not holding my breath, since i think it will likely be much smaller and therefore not practical. still, i can’t completely give up on my hope of finding someplace near frick park.

my new job is on the north side – and yes, details will be coming soon as soon as it’s all for real and actual factual – so in some ways i wish we were moving closer that way. back to lawrenceville, or something like that. it’s not really practical or fair, though, since my parents are in monroeville and they help out so much with the baby – and potentially even more soon after i start my job (mid to late april, by the way)

i just want to be settled so much…in our own house one day, but for now i am okay with someone else’s nice little house in forest hills for avi to grow in.

today’s title is from the rock opera jesus christ superstar.


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