i’m sick of the whole damn problem

my congestion is back again. and no, it has nothing to do with going out two nights in a row. (i figure i gotta get it in now since i’ll be starting a real job soon – with a real bedtime)

i am so tired of being sick. this isn’t even bad sick, it’s annoying sick. a cold, nothing more. but by this point, it’s the principle of the thing – why can’t i go longer than two months without another bloody illness?! i’m taking flonase for my allergies and such, but i can’t even get it up my damn nose since there’s all this snot blocking the way. seriously, it’s gross. and now you all have a mental picture of it too.

i put down half of the security deposit down on the new-maybe-house in forest hills. it is pending new carpets and new tiling in the bathroom, and i have final approval of both or they’ll refund the whole check. that makes me feel much better about the whole deal, since we’re no longer committing ourselves to something that isn’t ready yet, but we’re not allowing it to get snatched away either. the other place i saw yesterday morning was bunk. too small, poor location, crappy bathroom, and deadly steps to the basement. and get this – it was NINE blocks down and another SIX blocks back from the park. i specifically told the guy on the phone that i wasn’t interested if the park wasn’t within walking distance. i guess technically that is traversable, but sheesh, it’s a helluva jaunt just to get to the swing set.

oh, avi is sick too, but luckily also in an annoying-rather-than-seriously-ill way. in fact, multiple things about his highness are somewhat annoying these days. our perfect sleeping angel has taken it upon himself to scream endlessly at bedtime now. he falls asleep with a bottle in the usual way, but the minute his body comes in contact with the crib, he is suddenly wide awake and totally pissed. last night he cried bloody murder for seventeen minutes before falling asleep. it was awesome. no, really, you should try it. who on earth other than an almost-eight month old can get away with that?! but as much as it sucks, i know it’s the best thing for him, so he can apparently re-learn to put himself back to sleep – something he’s been able to do since he was four months old but apparently got replaced with new skills like crawling and sitting up by himself and standing while holding on to things. hopefully he’ll be able to remember all of them before bedtime terrors continue too much longer.

today’s title is from the show fly blackbird


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