much more

i feel a little like everything in my life is done to excess at the moment.

first, avi isn’t just crawling, he’s pulling up on things. now he isn’t just pulling up on things, he is walking when he has something to push in front of him!

then the whole job thing really ended up rather in my favor, what with not one but three job offers – and one accepted, as you all know. still trying to work out the painting thing part time, just for the extra cash, but we’ll see.

and i have a cold, but not the suck-it-up kind. more like the holy-shit-i-just-literally-went-through-an-entire-box-of-kleenex-in-half-an-hour kind. and there is nothing cute about an excess of snot.

and oh my god could i possibly eat any more junk food? i don’t really have that much of an appetite during the day anymore, but i am mad craving things like ben and jerry’s everything but the… and chocolate in general. i didn’t even do that when i was pregnant. clearly i gained seven thousand pounds eating other things (besides the ice) but it wasn’t chocolate. and those seven thousand pounds? they have easily multiplied to oh about nine thousand since avi was actually born. which is excessively heinous.

i’m staying up way too late, too, even though avi has successfully battled through his strange bedtime horrorshow from last week and is back to a predictable schedule.

i guess in general i am not taking great care of myself, and i’m certainly showing precious little self restraint. it is easy to fall into a state of complacency since avi is so fabulous and i am not yet working and we often don’t really have to leave the house for several days. on the other hand, i am really looking forward to the new house and my plan to put a treadmill downstairs (no matter how hard i try, i cannot walk muchless run in the humid hayfever season we call spring and summer in pittsburgh) and my new job requiring regular working hours again.

there a both good and bad kinds of excess, i guess. avi is always the good kind.

today’s title is from the show the fantasticks.


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