getting to know you

i am out of books to read since my students are still on spring break. goodness knows what i’ll do when i’m finished teaching over there. luckily, i was able to make an emergency stop at babelbabe’s for five new-to-me books. i think i will tackle fever first.

avi went with me, mostly because i think that it is starting to become more important for him to be exposed to other people (and kids) than it maybe used to be, and bb conveniently has three lying around that she graciously allowed us to borrow. wait, no, those were the books. the kids were not so much lying around as they were running, yelling, rolling, and eating cookies, but all in a very good way.

i do believe avi was a little freaked out at first, but it’s difficult to tell if the cause was the newish place or newish faces. it’s been awhile since we were there, and i doubt very much he can remember the last time anyway.

yes, that’s avi wearing the same outfit he had on the last time i posted pictures. a friend of the family made it for him, and he’s about to grow out of it in like a minute, so i did laundry over the weekend so he could wear it again today. i didn’t plan ahead for this particular photo op.

anyway, he got down and dirty with the boys pretty quickly, though. making himself at home crawling all around, licking the furniture, and pulling the wall apart. yes, clearly my son is sending my friends the message, “don’t invite my mom over anymore, i will wreck your house.” thanks, kiddo.

when do babies learn to share? he kept taking toys from bb’s youngest, and i know i can’t expect him not to understand why that sucks, but dammit i don’t want a bully for a baby! in the end, he and the baby bonded.

and it was even cuter when her middle son got in on the act.

and all was well until some of us decided we were damn tired of sitting around and it was time for lunch.

in other good news, printmaking hiatus is over, and i’ll be back in the studio tonight after tutoring.

today’s title is from the show the king and i

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