i can’t find a song that evokes “printmaking”

but it was fantastic to be back in the studio last night. emily and kerri are back again, and it’s pretty much a ridiculous gab fast the whole time. i can’t quite decide if i’ve turned into one of those people that everyone in the room envies, or is annoyed by…but honestly for real i think it is the former. crazy, eh? it was too primarily to me having excellent luck with the monotype gods.

this print makes me happy because of the great line quality i managed to coax out of the figure. i am not as pleased with the sky. it needs way more depth.

and i am also generally pleased with this one, although it is alot brighter than i would have liked. we have new white craft paper in the studio, and strangely enough i am so used to working against the brown background (since the plates are clear plexi blah blah blah), that i was a little startled to see how colorful the textures were in this print.

off to lunch at city theatre, and then mountains of shopping must be accomplished this afternoon coz we ain’t got nuffin t’ eat!


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