chew-chewy chow

i bit the side of my cheek today. as in, blood was tasted, chunk is missing. i was eating a maple walnut cookie from the grocery store that so distinctly reminded me of going to the same store as a child and getting a free cookie from the bakery. it’s such a pleasant viceral memory that i have eaten the cookies faster than my body likes to pleasantly digest them.

in other related news, avi woke up this morning extra super duper early, no doubt due to his very full diaper. now as it was rather early for said diaper state, i let him fuss for a bit when he first woke up, thinking he’d go back to sleep like he often does. instead it turned into fullfledged wailing, and i had no choice but to rescue him, whereupon i discovered the problem.

here’s the worst part – he has gotten over his irrational fear of the koosh ball and is now harboring an intense and irrational fear of the changing table. let me just tell you, the most awesome part of being a mom is physically restraining your screaming, writhing eight month old (who is pretty damn strong for his age, thank you very much) while his crazy full – surprise! – diaper sits precariously half open around his flailing legs while you call desperately for d to come help before you, the baby, and the changing table all need a serious scrub down at seven thirty in the morning. not just awesome, but hawesome.

and finally, i think i have a cavity. i don’t understand, because i was JUST at the dentist. like three times. what the eff is up with that?

today’s title is from the show balancing act


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