avi went to his very first concert today!

of course, it was a small show by our favorite, ben folds, and i happened to learn about it by chance this very day. most unfortunately i was not able to attend, and if you heard a wail of agony around two o’clock that was me simultaneously hearing about the show and realizing that i had already committed to my friend monica’s baby shower.

i raced home from teaching to drop off the stroller and car seat for d so he could hook up with his parents and take avi. i listened to ben folds almost exclusively while i was pregnant, and i can’t wait to start taking my son to concerts and shows he can appreciate – and so he can be one of those adorable babies who dance in the aisles! taking avi today will hopefully kickoff a long and glorious interest in excellent live music for my little one, before we get sidetracked by the wiggles and other such things. please oh please let they might be giants tour with their kids show sometime before avi is three!

this is a silly picture d took of the baby at the show.

and here is just a little taste of what i missed, recorded rather shoddily by d on his phone:

(it’s a .wav file.)

it made me very very happy to hear that in the car on the way home from the shower.

today’s title is one of the best singalong songs by ben folds, which d so sweetly recorded for me.


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