when i was little, i had a ramona quimby diary. i ordered it from the scholastic book club in second grade, and although i couldn’t find a picture of what it looked like then, apparently this is what it looks like now.

it was more of a fill-in-the-blanks diary than a true journal, but as a seven year old i wasn’t too much of a snob about it. i still have it, just like i have every single other journal i’ve written in since that time. it takes up an entire shelf of our bookcase, and i’m terribly embarrassed of approximately 95% of anything written therein.

i remember in the ramona diary there were little excerpts from the ramona books peppered throughout the pages, and in one, ramona or beezus reads their mother’s childhood diary. page after page is filled with “nothing happened”.

i feel like that tonight.

i had a pretty good lazy sunday – daylight savings time kicked us in the ass so i missed both my playwriting master class AND the reading i was going to go to. i went for rita’s and suprise chinese food with elana, but that was about it. today i taught all day, came home and hung out with avi who is so cute these days it’s probably illegal, and then went to studio.


quite possibly the worst time to be affected by such malaise is right before a new job and a big move. i’m going to have to kick myself in the ass to get out of it immediately. i delibrately left my printmaking materials in the car tonight to motivate myself to clean the car out tomorrow afternoon. and i brought home two new books from school to read.

perhaps it’s the shitty weather. what’s up, april? nice show flurries you’re having.

eh, whatever.

nothing happened.

today’s song is from the show a chorus line, and i’m sure i’ve used it before.


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