the worst pies in london

i brough home leftover donuts yesterday because i’m sick and feel like crap and everything tastes like snot and blah blah blah haven’t i written this post before? anyway, i thought leftover donuts would sound good to eat under the circumstances, but they didn’t, so i only ate like 17 or so.

we were supposed to go and play with my friend emily and her son gabriel today, but i cancelled because of the donuts. or was it because i’m sick? or maybe because on top of the snot-induced sore throat from hell i was also up having unpleasant state of the union discussions with d. perhaps that is d, all the above.

avi is too big for his swing so i have to sell it on craig’s list, because that is apparently what we do with outgrown toys. i’ve never actually sold anything that way before. i hope it is not difficult, but i assume it can’t be since many millions of morons have done it before me.

today rules, as you can tell, and the above title is from the show sweeney todd in case you care.


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