boy for sale

because we are such rotten parents, tonight we gave avi nothing but bread and water and a little gruel for dinner.

no really, we did.

he seems to have a bit of tummy sadness, and ate poorly all day today. he’s drinking alot so i’m not worried about dehydration, but he’s a little…runny…hence the mild dinner diet.

it’s been several months since the poor guy had to have boring plain cereal, so he ate about three bites and staunchly refused any more. we were mildly successful with some animal pastas, but he refused to eat those with a spoon and prefered instead to be handed each one individually. dinner. took. hours.

finally i just handed him a piece of bread. threw is more like it. i pulled off chunks and tossed them onto the tray of his booster seat like hansel and gretel leaving a trail of crumbs. only we weren’t going anywhere. because avi wasn’t eating. right.

he doesn’t have a fever or anything, just a bit of a head cold. i still feel like absolute shit, of course, but avi seems basically fine. he played hard all day at nana’s house while i cleaned out boxes and tried to ignore the searing pain in my right ear. i found a certificate of somethingorother from my a.p. american history class in eleventh grade. that should tell you how long those boxes have languished in my poor mother’s basement.

avi so doesn’t feel lousy, in fact, that he very excitably and loudly read the little man dressed in red with us before bed. what a crazy book. d grew up with it, and it’s alot of fun to read to the kiddo – very repetitive build up, patterns in the pictures, etc. i just can’t quite get past the feeling that they oh i don’t know, stone the little man in red at the end. that may have been influenced by avi’s screams of delight at every page turn. did i mention how much my ear hurts? apparently he didn’t get the memo.

today’s title is from the show oliver


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