packing song

lessons i have learned this week include how to turn a quick trip to the doctor into a three hour visit, why it is advisable to separate the baby from the packing-in-progress, how to clean up infant projectile vomiting, and how to spend ridiculous sums of money for cable internet you’re only going to have to disconnect in a week anyway.

ah yes, it’s been grand.

my last week home before i start my new job on tuesday has been full of frantic errands and missed sleep opportunities. avi and i went to the playground on tuesday, which was awesome and dirty and helped me forgive him for wednesday and thursday’s subsequent antics. even the throw up part.

our apartment is so fucking hot without the air conditioner running full blast that even the simple act of loading oh say fifteen metric tons of books into box after box after box after box leaves me drenched.

did i mention that i’m color coding all the boxes? i haven’t decided if the Real Movers will find that helpful or condescending.

i have spent the past two days fighting off a whopper of an anxiety attack, as i calculate our diminishing funds and upcoming bills. how soon after i start my job can expect to start swimming in the massive cash rolling in? ha ha. or at least how quickly can i stop worrying about paying everything on time? i also haven’t decided how to get that answered from the hr people. excuse me, can you tell me when i’m going to get paid? sounds desperate. right.

i underpaid our rent for april by eighty-seven cents, which is NOT related to my money concerns. i got a nice note from the property manager telling me to “just add it to your next month’s rent check”. glad she’s keeping so on top of things.

gah. just as i was typing that i caught another wave of panic over all that i still need to do. time to get off the damn computer while the bug is still napping.

today’s title is from the show beauty and the beast, but i cannot for the life of me recall when it occurs.


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