passover redux

whew. i’m all seder’d out.

i think avi had a pretty successful first passover. he even found the afikomen all by himself. seriously. we’d all forgotten where it was until he stumbled upon it later in the evening. not bad.

the table was absolutely beautiful. look at those roses.

we actually had a real shank bone this year. and dyed eggs. hmmm.

avi got lots of kisses from mimi like always.

before we all sat down for dinner, there was time to play. avi has a great exersaucer at jojo and pop’s house. (that’s where he found the afikomen later)
this is also the super cute outfit he demolished later, but we don’t have to rehash that part.

dinner was amazing as usual. avi’s great grandma makes THE BEST matzoh ball soup ever, and this was the first time avi was able to eat it with the rest of us. or eat it while mine got cold. same difference.

there are these new matzoh sticks out now – i had seen them at the grocery store but didn’t get any, so i was greatly amused that someone else had. they’re the perfect size for small hands.

after dinner there was time to play patty cake and other important games.

avi was introduced to the piano for the first time! what an awesome toy!

and what a very special night for my best little boy.

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