bye bye baby

avi waved bye bye today for the first time. alot. and totally in an appropriate way, so don’t give me any shit about him just moving his fingers without realizing what he’s doing. we’ve been signing with him for months now, and he’s nine and a half months old, so right on target to start responding. it’s totally fucking awesome. i cried. seriously. i mean, i had a very emotional day regardless, and i had driven all the way out to my mom’s house to see him because d took him out there before i got home from work and i wasn’t going to see him until tomorrow night when i went out there to get him but oh. my. god. he waved bye bye to me.

my mom said he did it earlier in the day when d dropped him off too.


it almost made up for the fact that last night he went to bed at 8:15pm, woke up screaming at 12:30am, went back to bed by 1am, woke up screaming at 4:45, and then continued to scream until almost 7am at which point d finally magically somehow got him to go back to sleep until 8:30.

we’re heading into our fourth week of this madness, and it’s really starting to wear us down. we don’t know if it’s the move, my return to work, his beginning-walking skills, his ninth fucking effin coming in, or a combination of all of these things. i was spoiled rotten that he slept so well for so long, that is for sure. holy shit this part sucks.

but he waved! my baby waved!

turns out it was an okay day afterall.

today’s title is from the show gentlemen prefer blondes.


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