mother and son

happy first mother’s day to me, to me.

in celebration, avi only got up twice last night AND slept until 8:30am. his new lullaby-spouting cd player also made its debut, hopefully soothing him back to sleep until we confirm if he has an ear infection or not.

today i get to hang out with family, hopefully go to target for some new shirts (holy shit, has it really come to that?), do more laundry, hang out with more family (it’s also my dad’s sixty-fifth birthday, go dad!), and maybe, just maybe get some take-out sushi.

because after all, it’s my day, dammit.

i came downstairs with a whole list of things to write about, but i must have left them on the stairs or something. because yes, it really has come to that.

today’s title is from the rock opera tommy.


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